CIS 6 is Tech Rollback, and some bug long time not fix [Latest Updates No.24]

01.Win8->Task Manager->Processes->Network column are not working (6.0.2708 fail, 5.12 work)

02.CIS6 (without ask u) Modify your network card(Realtek/Intel) TCP,UDP,IP checknums offload setting to off, although does not use “Do Protocol Analysis”

03.CIS6 Modify your Receive Side Coalescing to off for Win8 (without ask u)

04.Code Integrity is unable to verify the image integrity of the file Windows\System32\guard64.dll because the set of per-page image hashes could not be found on the system

05.Killswitch don’t show traffic for each connection

06.“View Logs” use full path show the application name, all people use 21:9 ultra-widescreen?

07.Don’t provide an disable “Automatic CRL Update/Check?” option

08.Firewall function “Host name” alway failure in the first attempt (Because does not exist in DNS Cache)
But COMODO long time not fix the important function error

09.“CIS6 HIPS/Firewall” don’t support expand/collapse list when your double-click the topbar

10.“CIS6 HIPS/Firewall” don’t support Drag and drop, only Move Up/Move Down, only click~click~click

11.“CIS6 HIPS/Firewall” Main Screen Editer don’t support Move Up/Move Down sub-rules, only move the main application

12.“CIS6 HIPS/Firewall Editer” is “full row select” list style

13.“CIS6 HIPS/Firewall Editer” can’t Hold the CTRL/Shift key to select multiple items for Delete/Move up/Move down

14.“CIS6 HIPS/Firewall” Application Rule Editer is not show your description

15.“CIS6 HIPS/Firewall Rule Editer” The description box very short

16.“CIS6 HIPS/Firewall Rule Editer” IP input format is, If you copy to IP input Box, you will get
The world’s more versatile or, COMODO?

17.“Firewall” opposite direction logical fallacy (Direction: IN or OUT)
Example “From IP X.X.X.X to Any” rule or “From Any to IP X.X.X.X” rule

The fallacy quite a long time ago, Are you in earnest?
Please rename the “Source Address/Destination Address” to “Local host/Remote host” for opposite direction rule

18.CIS6 BFE-based traffic animation and widget
COMODO Firewall 5.12/6.0 have DPC Latency problem
s CIS 5.12/6.0 don’t refresh/cleanup self-internal indexes
(suspect) If target program does not close, new connection numbers can accumulate in CIS 5.12/6.0 internal “connections(IP session?)” entries
(suspect) After surpasses certain connection, CIS 5.12/6.0 starts to block the new connection and High DPC.[/s]
“APP0” have some Application Rules
Rule1) Block Port range 0-1023
Rule2) Allow TCP/UDP out

When the “APP0” running for some time, “Rule1” accumulated a certain amount of “Block connections” (estimate)
After system have high DPC problem, other software high probability influenced by “APP0 Block Rule (Can’t create new connections at port range 0-1023)
Web browsers can’t view internet, Download programs can’t download new files
Disable BFE Service, Erase all COMODO BFE added registry values or close target program, DPC Latency goto green

[color=red]18.1 This information not correct, COMODO~

[b]If erase all COMODO BFE added registry values, The Firewall Application Rules are not working(…\BFE\Parameters\Policy\Persistent\Callout), Only “Restore/Stop Network Activity” button is work.

For Win8, COMODO Firewall need BFE added registry values (CIS 5.12/6.0)
For Vista/win7, you can safe upgrade to 5.10
For XP, CIS don’t need BFE added registry values, you can safe upgrade to 5.10 or downgrade to 5.12/6.0[/b]

19.The CIS6 GUI are the problem

Sorry for my bad english.

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20.Rulesets/Network Zones/Portsets can’t move up/down (I can’t custom sort)
Your are “Host name” have bug, OK,I’m one ip~ one ip~ input to Network Zones
But CIS6 can’t custom sort now? no freedom~ :cry:

21.Copy From → Another Application → No Arrow for Long menus expand to display more application.

22.“Restore Network Activity” sometime can’t restore the Firewall Security Level.
Normal: “Stop Network Activity/Restore Network Activity” ⇔ “Custom Policy/Block All”
Failure: “Stop Network Activity/Restore Network Activity” ⇔ “Block All/Block All”

PS:Click Stop Network Activity button, change setting, click ok(save), “Block All/Block All” loop completed

23.Multi-User Login(Fast User Switching): Only Single-user have CIS tray icon, use “Run a new instance in parallel” please (Task Scheduler)

CIS6 is unfinished product? :-X

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24.HIPS ignore my selection (Popup? My HIPS box is unclicked~)

Admin Account, Task Manager → Details Tab → Right-click any exe(other users or system group) → Click Properties (Win8)

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