CIS 6 icon

I was looking at languy99’s review of CIS 6 and I noticed they changed their icon among other things. Just out of curiosity…will there be an option to retain the old comodo shield icon with the flowing traffic arrows in the new CIS version? I’m rather attached to it and while I’d love some of the new features I’d rather stick with the old icon :frowning:

I would have posted this on his thread but I’m not sure if 15 days of no activity would count as a necro XD

no there is not an option to use the old icon but it still has the firewall taffic animation

Well I suppose at least I get half of what I want lol

Thank you

the old and crazy (■■■■) firewall animations :stuck_out_tongue:

please guys, change that squared icon. it sucks… go back to the previous one…