CIS 6 - GUI Interface Choice of Simple or Advanced as in 5.12

I would like to see the installation as now have default for a simplified GUI but with an option to permanently enable a GUI like in Version 5.12 for those who want to see all the options all the time. That way both types of user are catered for. Those who are happy to have a pared back interface and those who want the full bells and whistles. This is similar to SpyBot Search & Destroy has had for years.

Please add a poll so I can vote for this. :-TU

Same here.

My votes too…


Also, bring back direct HIPS control in the tray icon, not hidden far in the configuration … if I want TRAINING for 3 min. after SAFE MODE for 5 min. and on and on … well a quick access would be appreciated

Bring back “basic information” about internet traffic information with apps name and % of traffic

Am I suppose to add a poll as the originator of this wish? I cannot see how to do this with the interface?
P.S. I just saw the Add Poll button after posting this. Silly me.

+1 :-La

Voted for choice

I would like to see the sketch. :slight_smile:

I voted for choice too.

I choose to vote.

No, sorry, I meant I vote to choose! :slight_smile:


I am sticking to version 5.12 but I vote for the new interface with no choice.

Huh? That makes no sense lol.

+1 :wink: