CIS 6 does NOT appear to start on Win 8 Pro Standard Account

Installed CIS 6 yesterday and all appears to have gone well. No problems to report at this time. However, when I checked the other account on my Windows 8 PC, there was NO indication of CIS running. There were a couple of background processes showing in the Task Manager, however, no tray icon, no widgets, etc. I am able to start the program manually via start menu, and everything appears to be fine. However, after I sign off, and go back into the account later, CIS again appears NOT to be working.

Is there a way I can fix this matter. Never a problem in prior versions (going back to Version 2.4 many years ago.)

Thanks. -SA Jack

I think with CIS 6 it needs administrator rights…i assume your saying you are not running it with admin rights…

All prior installs of Comodo have not required administrative settings. As for as the Version 6 install, Comodo did place the Shared Space folder on the other user’s desktop, but nothing else.

Is there some sort of manual tweak of a registry setting that will resolve this problem. Would rather not reinstall unless absolutely necessary. Thanks. -SA Jack

The problem I’ve described in this thread occurs when there is a “Switch User” while I’m still logged on. If however, I “Sign Off” and the other user then “Sign’s On”, Comodo comes up perfectly within the Standard User account. If there is a “Switch User” back from the Standard User to My Account (Admin) without the Standard User Signing Out, then Comodo does NOT come up on my account.

So it seems that the fix would involve allowing Comodo to load (as it has always done in the past) during a “Switch User” command instead of loading on a single account opening.

Hope this helps. Thanks. -SA Jack

I would expect a switch user would do this if comodo wasn’t loaded when you switched user. switch user doesn’t reload all of your startup items like a log in and logut will so i could see this happening.
But after reading your post i did some testing. I have windows 8 Pro x64.
I had comodo, avast!,Utorrent,Virtual Kiosk, and outlook running. I did a switch user, the other user that i switched everything loaded up but CIS 6 icon in the tray did not appear and therefore it did not startup. so my thoughts are that this maybe they way they made it.
I was able to click on cis 6 and it would start right up under the other profile. but cis 6 would only auto start under one profile at a time.