CIS 6 "CUSTOM" installation?

Is there any plans to release an CIS6 upate that enable the total custom installation?

I think it will be nice to have the hability to DO NOT INSTALL the widgets and the gui effects. What about it?

ps.: when disabling the widgets, there are some traces of its processes running and that consumes ram and cpu. The same with the gui pagination effects.



You can disable the widget by right clicking on the tray icon on the lower right corner of your screen.

but even you disable the widget the process continues to run and even if it stops the cpu and ram usage continues to go on…

I have not installed CIS v6.x yet as I’m waiting for my copy of CIS v5.x to let me know a new update is available. However, I would prefer to be able to not install the widget.

yro, would you mind adding a poll?

great idea :-TU +1


I too would like to be able to install without widget, but before that we need a functional main interface, since currently it is hard to do many small things via Main GUI without opening so many windows…

+1 from me too. I dislike all widgets and have not installed v6 because of that.