CIS 6 cmdagent High CPU - using Utorrent

I updated to cis 6 on my win7 32 bit. I have really serious problems with this nice looking Update.

When I use utorrent, cmdagent consumes 50% CPU. when I disable Firewall the problem disappears.

can some one help pls?

I think I found the Reason.

When in Firewall settings, “Create Rules for safe Applications” is activated, Then Comodo firewall begins to create rules for any ip from peers Utorrent is downloading from.

I deactivated “Create Rules for safe Applications” .

Not so good, but worked.

Did you uninstall version 5.12 before installing version 6.0? At the moment it is highly recommended to uninstall the previous version before installing the newest one. Failure to do so can lead to many problems.

When you have ‘Create Rules for Safe Applications’ enabled it creates a single rule for an application, which looks like:

Allow IP Out From Any to Any where Protocol is Any

So it really shouldn’t create any CPU overhead. It’s probably worth listing your other settings.