CIS 6 breaks Daemon Tools

If Comodo Internet Security is installed Daemon Tools (lite) does not function properly, specifically the program cannot detect that the SPTD driver has been installed.

This means that you cannot add SCSI virtual drives and the IDE virtual drives lack some of the emulation options available with the SCSI versions.

Tested on XP x64 (fully updated) running in VirtualBox 3.0.14 with (theoretically) only the base firewall installed, install command used was:

Daemon Tools worked fine with CIS version 5.12

Running fine here on Windows 7 64 bit !

Virtual Box may be the problem. Unless VB has developed further it is not capable of handling CIS completely. It did not fully support OS functionality.

People used to make it work with version 5 by using a similar approach to that used for Alcohol:

See this v5 FAQ: here.

You may also need to make the change suggested for Winsshd (next post down in topic)

Please say if it works in 6.0. If you cannot work out how to translate the instructions to 6.0 then please do ask!

I’m updating the FAQs progressively, sorry for delay

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As far as I can tell Defence+ and the sandbox are not running at all, unfortunately the new interface is not as clear on that point as v5.12 was.

The install command used should have resulted in basic firewall only protection.

Even if D+ is disabled elements of it may still function.

So it’s worth trying