CIS 6 BETA Usability suggestions

  1. It needs to be easier to terminate and block a process like in 5.10. I used to be able to just go to the active process list and right click to find the option, but I can’t do this anymore. I find it takes too long to go to “Settings → Defense+ → HIPS → File Protection → Blocked Files” and then add the blocked file. But even doing it this way still won’t guarantee the termination of the process. So please add a “terminate and block” in killswitch for version 6.

  2. In the main GUI flip it to Tasks and search for something like “Scan”. The problem is you cannot right click an item in the search results and add to or remove from the taskbar. However, if you are right clicking the item when it’s NOT in the search results, the add/remove option shows up just fine. The add/remove right click option should always be there whether you searched or not!

A big thanks to the developers for making CIS 6 possible and more thanks for listening to our feedback!

  1. I think we need to have another column mentioning the reason for any file being added to 'Trusted files"

For example:

Name Company Reason
c:\test\sample.exe Unknown User
d:\test2\sample2.exe Unknown Cloud

  1. And, we must be able to filter/sort the list by any column…

When cis detects multiple threats it will alert about each one with its own alert creating many alerts. CIS needs a feature that can detect when there are multiple virus detections and display them in a list in one window so the user is not bombarded with alerts.

Good Idea…

I can’t believe that there is no option to quickly see the active sandboxed application to switch them to trusted files (out of the sandbox). Am i missing something. It isn’t under tasks.

Please, create a “View Apps in Sandbox” link (or something similar) in main GUI.

Tray icon is still red (indicates danger), when all is OK.

A nice soothing green background with a white C would carry the message ‘all is well’ much better.

Congrats however on the amber ‘needs attention’ colour and the red cross (though some risk of confusion with other products) for ‘at risk’

A draft help file for review would give us the chance to get the bugs out of it and would help make the Beta review more informed too.

When doing some registry related changes in “Advanced Settings” it will take some seconds before the changes are applied. At least on my computer it takes “a long time”.

Would be nice to have some kind of visual “calm down” indicator i.e. spinning wheel or a little something


GeekBuudy & CD should be removed from the installer. It will reduce the installer size.
GeekBuddy is there in the help section of the GUI i.e Get Live Support, anyone can download it from there. CD can be downloaded with Kiosk installation if anyone wants.


Advanced Settings - Security Settings - Antivirus - Scans - I guess its scheduled scan, right? Why does it mentions prevents threats before entering the system?

Quarantine, AutoQuarantine & Advanced Settings icons doesn’t look good like others i.e the square, looks like a flower in the square instead of security things.


Advanced Settings - General Settings - User Interface - Show Notification Messages - It affects AV Alerts i.e if this alert is not selected & dont show AV alerts is not selected then AV alerts appears which is fine but if notfication alerts is not selected & dont show AV alerts is selected then AutoQuarantine alerts dont appears. Notification alerts should not affect AV alerts.

Is Notification Alerts for AutoSandbox Alerts too i.e if Notification Alerts is not checked, AutoSandbox Alerts will not appear? There should be show autosandbox alerts in the autosandbox section.

Some users select autoquarantine & dont show autosandbox notification but in this version it is not possible coz if you choose to dont show autosandbox alert i.e notification in general settings, autoquarantine alert is also not shown.

New Private Connection Found - There should be a close button to close the window. Currenly you have to choose any option to disappear the window.

CIS should be installed on clean system so why now the initial scan by default is quick scan & not full scan?

Shred Space on Desktop is for Manual Sandbox & Kiosk, right? I think it should not be on desktop until manual sandbox or kiosk is used.

Thanks Naren


  • I think that it would be helpful if each vendor had an on-off check-box in the TVL. This way there could be two options at the top of the list. One would say enable all and the other would be to disable all. This way, if users wanted to only allow a few vendors, as many in the forum would like an easy way to do this, they could just disable all and then check the boxes which are next to the vendors they do want to use. This would greatly improve the usability of the TVL and make a lot of users happy.
  • The tab for the trusted files takes a long time to load once a lot of files have been added. Perhaps something could be done to speed up the loading of this window. At the very least there should be some obvious indication that it is loading and the ability to easily switch to another tab. Right now it essentially traps you there until it is fully loaded.
  • Also (and this wish is pending review for me until I see whether people are finding that fully virtualized is dangerous for their computers) assuming it is not dangerous for production machines I would like to see the option to automatically fully-virtualize applications added to the gui without having to add the registry key manually.
  • Also, I think it needs to be made more clear that unchecking the two boxes under the Scans tab will just disable the scheduled scans. Just changing the wording would be sufficient.
  • The KillSwitch included in CIS does not allow you to right-click on files, and select options from a menu, if you select the option to “Show only the unsafe Images in Memory”. Would it be possible for this behavior to be added?
  • Also, for the files displayed after running a ratings scan, I think it would be very helpful to add the ability that if you right-click on them it provides you with the option to jump to the file location. This would make evaluating whether the file is safe or not much easier.
  • I think it would be a good idea for the trusted files list to show, in some way, which files were trusted manually by the user, which were trusted by hash, and which were trusted via the TVL. This way if a user made a mistake trusting a file they can easily locate it and remove it from the trusted files list. Perhaps this could just be added as a filter.
  • Also, I think the alerts should always show the explanation of why Comodo makes the recommendation they do for a file without the user having to click on the arrow to open the explanation as a drop-down item. I understand this was hidden because most users don’t read it, but I believe it is likely still very helpful for many users. Perhaps this could be added as an option in the advanced settings.

Maybe you can add “Default” button, to revert all settings to default if somethin gone wrong. 88)


Default & Custom (User) Default

Default will set it to factory setting

Custom will set it to user made default

1. Diagnostics report as attachment to your post

2. The full product and its version
COMOOD Internet Security 6.0.252829.2560

3. Your Operating System (32 or 64 bit) and Service Pack revision
Win7 64bit SP1

4. List all the configuration changes you did. Are you using Default configuration? If no, whats the difference?

5. Other Security and Utility Software Installed

6. Step by step description to reproduce the issue
Just try to move CIS widget near others like Win7 Clock or CPU/MEM usage widget. It will not snap to them for proper alignment. Now try moving CPU/MEM widget or clock widget near eachother and they will snap on edges soy ou can easily align them together. CIS widget doesn’t exhibit such behavior and is floating freely when moved, meaning you can’t really align it properly along with other widgets.

I’d like to request a feature… and sorry if i annoy anyone for asking this… I’d like to have a ‘safe money’ like feature to protect banking websites automatically just by adding the bank URL to a list. Yes, i know there’s Kiosk for that, but it affects usability and changing habits to perform everyday tasks just feels wrong. So, we could have both features, since Kiosk has much more features than that.

To RejZoR: Yes, the widget is not a real windows widget, that’s why it doesn’t behave like one. But i agree it should, although it doesn’t bother me much.

Unrecognized files control panel has to be accessible from the main CIS window. It’s way too buried right now, you have to go through several menus to get there. CIS 5.10 had this done pretty well in my opinion.

And we need info and link about sandboxed applications in main window.