CIS 6 Beta Review

Around app. 2 - 3 mins, install.exe, elevated rights popup is there & the tester clicked the default i.e sandbox, the same popup appeared again the tester again clicked sandbox & the same popup appeared again & this time the tester clicked blocked.

Why few times the same popup? This I have observed in quite a few tests & my tests too (version 5 too)

I think the popup should be only once as it is the same, right? or I am missing something here?

You are right I do not understand why it shows many times the same popup it was also like that in V5 …


a new review from ‘winsevenholic’ about CIS beta 2

The sandbox did not need to be reset, because those applications the user had run was not virtualized.


I don’t like them…too fast and confusing… 88)

the next video (Comodo Internet Security 6 BETA 2 (Default settings)

Cis don’t recognized al malwarefiles

No AV will always recognise all malware files.

It is good to see though that with default settings a ransom ware malware is not getting a foot in the door. It does show the warning screen but after reboot it is not running.

There were a couple of ,a;ware traces on the hard drive but they were not running in memory.

All in all good result; it keeps the bad guys at bay.

CIS 6 beta 2 with setting ‘proactive’

Whatever security software one have installed. Sometimes no active malware are there but some system changes are there. And some system changes can be risky, right? I think the reviewer should also check for such critical changes & show how to revert them or back to normal.

Like I mentioned system changes here

I have never made a video. Can anyone tell me how to make a video or any good link? And for a 20 mins video how many MBs it will take? I am asking this coz I have limited internet package.

Well, that depends on many factors, video size, codec use and much more. But you could use format factory, and you could play with format and size to make a balance between space and quality.