CIS 6 Beta, more issues

-applications in firewall rule list cannot be removed.
-rule list of applications cannot be re-ordered for easy find.
-sometimes i lose internet connectivity out of the blue while other machines on the network are working fine.
-when changing the rules for a program in firewall settings, the list doesnt update until the window is re-opened.

Please report any bugs you encounter in the bug reporting topic. Be sure to follow the format provided in the first post. Failure to do so, including attaching a copy of your diagnostic report regardless of whether it found problems or not) will lead to your bugs being removed from the topic.

Thank you.

bug report section formatting is confusing. read it once and didnt understand anything.
not gonna bother to be honest.

If you have questions about how bugs are supposed to be reported please feel free to ask. I can help explain it to you.

However, if you do not report the bugs you cannot expect that they will be fixed. As a beta tester bugs are to be expected and it is expected that you will report those bugs so that they can be fixed.

Thank you.

As it has already been mentioned by Chiron, you can PM any Mod and take their help in creating a proper bug report.
It’s not that hard anyway.

A simple complaining is almost useless if we are not ready to help further.

In particular, beta testers are supposed/expected to help improve the product by reporting bugs in a reproducible way, so that the Devs can fix them ASAP.


There is a reason the format exists. If the devs don’t have enough information to reproduce the issue, they can’t fix it.