CIS 6 Beta feedback [Locked]


GeekBuudy & CD should be removed from the installer. It will reduce the installer size.
GeekBuddy is there in the help section of the GUI i.e Get Live Support, anyone can download it from there. CD can be downloaded with Kiosk installation if anyone wants.


Quarantine, AutoQuarantine & Advanced Settings icons doesn’t look good like others i.e the square, looks like a flower in the square instead of security things.


Advanced Settings - Security Settings - Antivirus - Scans - I guess its scheduled scan, right? Why does it mentions prevents threats before entering the system?

Advanced Settings - General Settings - User Interface - Show Notification Messages - It affects AV Alerts i.e if this alert is not selected & dont show AV alerts is not selected then AV alerts appears which is fine but if notfication alerts is not selected & dont show AV alerts is selected then AutoQuarantine alerts dont appears. Notification alerts should not affect AV alerts.

Is Notification Alerts for AutoSandbox Alerts too i.e if Notification Alerts is not checked, AutoSandbox Alerts will not appear? There should be show autosandbox alerts in the autosandbox section.

In this version are there any popups associated with AutoSandbox & Elevated Privilege Rights i.e will we get any popups with autosandbox & elevated privilege rights?

New Private Connection Found - There should be a close button to close the window. Currenly you have to choose any option to disappear the window.

CIS should be installed on clean system so why now the initial scan by default is quick scan & not full scan?

What is Manage Networks? Whether Trusted selected or Blocked selected internet works. By default Trusted was selected. Which one should I select?

Shred Space on Desktop is for Manual Sandbox & Kiosk, right? I think it should not be on desktop until manual sandbox or kiosk is used.

Why now CIS has 3 entries in scheduled tasks? Previous versions it was not so.

Real system XP SP3 32 Bits

Tested app 150 zeroday malware.

Autosandbox was terrific against malware. I would like to see someone test safe apps i.e usability test.

During testing I observed that—

Some malware were not cleaned i.e CIS mentioned quarantine but they were still in the location.

Sometimes AV Alerts, AutoSandbox Alerts & Elevated Privilege Rights Popups appeared behind the open windows.

And when 2 popups were there i.e one popup & on top of it another popup, clicking on the top popup the other popup also disappeared.

Is spy keylogger safe? This is the only app in my test that CIS found safe.

for the app that it found safe you should report it so they will check it again. Check using Valkyrie and post the link please we’ll see.

Scan it with VirusTotal.
If most vendors detect it, post VT link in trusted malware topic.

I will do that. But the thing is I restored my system back to clean state. And I downloaded that malware from cleanmx & now the site is showing ddos running come back later.

Hi Naren

Thanks for all this feedback which is much appreciated. I’m a bit worried though that it will all get ignoered if you don’t post it in the right place.

Where you think you have:

  • found a bug could you report it in the bugs sticky topic please in the requested format?
  • think the GUI could be imprived could you report it in the usability sticky topic please
  • want some help could you post one issue per topic in the main topic list (ie where this topic is)

I’m going to have to lock this as it overlaps with sticky topics, and could lead others to mis-post.

Many thanks again for all you input