CIS 6 and Windows Defender

I have recently upgraded from CIS 5 to 6, and now have noticed Windows defender updates and scans taking place. This is confusing, as I thought Defender gets disabled when another antivirus/spyware is installed, as has been the case with CIS 5. Does this mean that CIS 6 has no antispyware anymore and that it needs Windows Defender, or is there a way to disable the redundant Windows Defender if it was just enabled by accident during the installation (which really should not have happened I guess…)?


No need to use the Defender Windows.
Suffice Comodo.

To turn off.
Control Panel.
Open the Defender Windows.
Click the icon - the Program.
Click the icon - Options.
Choose - Administrator. Uncheck-Use this program.

P.S. Most likely you accidentally turned on.
Because when there is no defense, there is a warning and a proposal to include.