CIS 6 and utorrent

Ok here’s my problems, in v5.10 how i’d set utorrent up is like this…

<<<taken from a video of mine
and once utorrent would start i’d get 1 popup and then it would create an application rule and i’d be set, well cis 6 won’t create the application rule and i’m not connectable…how do I create that rule so I can be connectable?

EDIT: I figured it out by by reading a similar post a few below this one…I clicked the “remember my answer” and it created the rule!
so simple :smiley:

With a new UI it takes a little while to get its new intricacies… We all go through it… 8)

I would recommend this guide for utorrent setting;msg500592#msg500592

Is all that really necessary?
Sometimes I just use windows firewall and don’t have to do anything, how secure is that?

When using utorrent with Windows firewall, it offers to add the necessary exceptions for Inbound rules - outbound rules are unnecessary in the default configuration. The rules provide unrestricted inbound access for TCP and UDP to any port.

If you just want utorrent to work without worrying about the rules described in the thread linked above, just continue doing what you have been.

The «funny» thing with CIS is … «»

… that configuration rules are constantly «forgotten» or reset or whatever. I have already unchecked and disabled the painstakingly slow Full Scan three times and yet, last night the piece of crapware initiated a Full Scan yet again, obviously breaking huge ongoing downloads in the process. >:-D >:(

The same seems to go for other settings, such as the ones for µTorrent or other file sharing and VoIP software. Having had all the fine-tuned settings in CIS version 5, everything seemed to work fine in CIS6 with the same settings. Since the latest update of µTorrent to version, though, the green checkmark turned into the orange exclamation mark once again, notifying me that no incoming connections can be established. So here we go, digging through menus and experimenting yet again …

Is it really necessary to make users go through all the configuration steps again and again? Why can CIS not simply respect previous configuration settings when updating itself or the respective software (once the latter has been scanned or the user asked)? Even better, why does CIS not offer pre-configured application rules for file sharing software? Basically, all it comes down to is allowing incoming connections on a certain port – why is there no “BitTorrent” and “VoIP” application rule like there is one for Web Browsers, etc.?

A good security software should run smoothly in the background and in an ideal world, one would never have to open its user interface. We do not live in an ideal world, but respecting configuration settings and not having to constantly deal with quirks should go without saying, before wasting time on all kinds of “what kind of software should COMODO develop next?” nonsense.

If you set the CIS 6 Firewall to safe mode and the Windows firewall is off as it should be and also leave the HIPS disabled, you will not have to do anything to make uTorrent work. The author is in the Trusted Vendors list so uTorrent will be allowed to do whatever it needs to do in order to function correctly. You won’t get a single alert and that is how it should be in my opinion.

That depends on which security configuration one is using.


If you serious about security there is no set it and forget it. At a bare minimum uTorrent or any other torrent client should be set to out going only with CIS. I will allow a torrent client to do what it “needs”, but with your thinking and configuration it will do whatever it wants. It’s all a matter of perspective.

uTorrent can not function correctly only using outgoing. What a program wants to do and what it needs to do are at least 95% of the time, the same thing. To function correctly, uTorrent needs to have all connections allowed.

uTorrent is not to be what it once was. Corporate greed and all.

Try Tixati -

I’ve been using Tixati for quite a while now, it’s far better, in my opinion, than most of the other clients out there. Unfortunately, one of my trackers hasn’t yet adopted it as an acceptable client, so I have utorrent 2.0.4 for them.