cis 6 and media server not compatible

Been using CIS for a long time, almost from the very beginning. Just installed CIS 6. It sure looks great and I like the virtual kiosk, especially for laptops. However, my desktop machine is the family media server for our PS3. I’m using Universal Media Server (UMS) which works almost identically to PS3 Media Server.

With CIS 5.xx everything was fine since I just disabled the firewall to run it. However, with CIS 6, disabling all CIS services did nothing. It was still blocked from transferring files. I search google and this forum and there is very little information on how to configure network applications in general.

I would like to be able to use the following without disabling CIS: eMule, Bittorrent, uTorrent and UMS. I’ve tried putting in exceptions for uTorrent and eMule but have not been successful (using CIS so I just disable it when I need to (and I have searched in the past).

As of now I have had to completely uninstall CIS 6 on my desktop and go naked :cry:

If there are no easy solutions, I’ll just go back to CIS 5.xx or even to another product since I don’t want to spend days researching and testing this. Maybe there should be an option for “network” file sharing applications that include transfers and streaming. Even my stupid router has lots and lots of built in port forwarding preconfigured (per application) settings. I might have to change port numbers when I use a non-standard port but otherwise, even someone not network savvy can configure it.

Why can’t Comodo be that easy? Why aren’t there any canned solutions?

What I really want is web browsing protection and anti virus and anti spyware protection. I don’t need protection on the local home lan.

Thanks for any help.

W7 CIS 6.0 (…pending)