CIS 6.3 is unable to scan files and update database

Subject happened after I accidentally clicked kiosk mode and got BSOD. The comp was not mine, Windows XP, MS Silverlight NOT installed, there was no internet at all. Having returned home I have reproduced that bug.

Scan interrupts in 1 second (in any mode).

CIS closes update database window before the installation ends (in 15 seconds ). And there is the only button Close (with timer) instead of Pause and Close. Link updates are available points to Windows folder.

CIS autodiagnostics finds nothing. Removing and reinstalling CIS does not help.

Windows XP SP3, CIS 6.3.294583.2937, NO Microsoft Silverlight.

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Since you are experiencing multiple problems with your computer I am worried that perhaps this could have something to do with the installation. Although uninstalling and reinstalling did not solve the problems, please see if uninstalling and reinstalling while following the advice I give in this topic helps.


PM reminder sent.

Thanks a lot for your answer.

I have read the linked topic and have done (as admin) evrything to be wrote:

  1. uninstalled CIS with Revo,
  2. uninstalled CIS with community uninstaller in safe mode,
  3. cleaned the tails of CIS with .bat uninstaller in safe mode,
  4. reinstalled CIS.

CIS behavior remains the same.

I installed another copy of Windows and CIS. In the 2nd copy of Windows - CIS works properly.
In the 1st Windows copy CIS is able to import database from the 2nd one and then may scan.
Internet update is still impossible.

I guess the problem is that launching kiosk mode without Silverlight installed may cause BSOD and system corruption. And corrupted file(s) and registry key(s) may be not of Comodo`s. Proved on 2 computers.

P.S. My Windows is Russian and usernames are cyrillic. Then uninstallers might work not properly.
I am going to save user profiles and delete the 1st system instead of to cure it. It would be faster and easier.
Thank you for your attention and help.

I’m sorry that I was not able to solve the problem. I suppose I should move this to Resolved, although the problems is not fixed, as you are fine with using the second copy of Windows.

However, if the issue returns please respond to this post and I can forward this and get it looked at. I’m sorry I couldn’t do more.

Thank you.