Cis 6.3 installation causes system lockup on WinXP sp3

On two separate occasions now my windows XP service pack3 machine has locked up solidly,
in such a way that the only thing I can do is reload. This is during the automatic update from 6.2.
At the lock up time the screen shows that the update is 97% complete,
and shows "status executing virtkiost.exe. On powering off and on,
I get a message that “Comodo security agent could not be started.”
The diagnostic tool says it did not find any error.
I enclose the diagnostic report.

[attachment deleted by admin]

This definitely sounds to me like an issue where the upgrade did not go as planned. Please try reinstalling CIS by following the advice I give in this post. This will likely be able to solve this problem.

I will also tentatively move this to the HELP section of the forum, as I believe it should be possible to get this solved.

Please try reinstalling as I recommended and let me know how it goes. We’ll continue from there if the issues re-occur.

Thank you.

I have already got around the problem by using the full download and then installing from that. The only problem with that is that I seem to have lost the history and settings. This is all very unfortunate as the system appears to want to do the update itself. Does that mean that automatic update no longer works?

The automatic update should work correctly. It seems like something went wrong with your installation during the update.

For future reference, although it will probably update fine on its own next time anyway, you can export your configuration before updating. That way, if you do need to reinstall CIS, you can just import and activate your old configuration.

I’m sorry you had these issues.