CIS 6.3 freeze win 7 64 at startup


I have just installed the last CIS on my daughter’s laptop (hp G62).

The installed version has problems (antivirus engine not inizializated).
Downloaded and installed the last version 6.3 with new interface and widget… made the first scan. without problems… then reboot as requested

and after the reboot begin problem! Win just freeze!! The keyboard seem not plugged (the cap-locks led doesn’t change his state when pressing the button and when starts the screen saver i cannot stop it) .

to shutdown the computer i had to press the power key, but the laptop doesn’t restart correctly…

removed battery and it has started…

ok for recovery mode but still freeze in standard mode.

Now my daughter has gone to she’s university with the laptop out of order!!!

I will help her to remove CIS and remove CIS from all my parent’s pc…

Something obviously went very wrong with the installation. This is likely either a conflict with some other program on it or an issue which occured during installation.

To reinstall it such that it will likely work well please follow the advice I give in this topic:

However, if you do not wish to reinstall it, but just to remove it entirely, then still follow all of the steps recommended except for reinstalling. This will very likely be able to solve the problems.

I’m very sorry to hear that this happened. If you need any more assistance please let us know.

Don’t install the Geek Buddy option

That’s what broke my PC too in exactly the same way … finally tracked it down after 3 hours of unisntalling / installing etc…

unfortunately this current release of Comodo is extremely flaky, on my Dell Geek Buddy breaks it … and then when you do get it working …after 10 mins the Comodo UI will just ‘lock’ up on it’s own and the anti-virus appears to stop working… although to be fair the rest of the pc doesn;t lock up… but without av you’re kinda left with your pants-down :-[

Such a shame as I’ve always recommended Comodo to everyone but now I’ve got to look for alternatives as they’ve down a ‘Vista/Windows8’ on it >:(

If I can find a link to the old version on their site I MAY stay with Comodo

You can use filehippo mirrors, check the older version :-TU