CIS 6.2......2847 CCE

CIS 6.2…2847 inbuilt CCE - Quick Repair shows - DNS Changed. All the adapters on the system are set to “Obtain Automatically”

Then why QR shows DNS Changed? Is it coz Dragon is set to Comodo DNS?

Unconfirmed on my Win 8 x64. Can you double check the DNS settings of your network adapter?

I have 3 adapters. All are set to “Obtain Automatically”

What happens if I click repair? Should I click repair?

I am now on my Win 8 x86 and cannot confirm here either. What version of Windows are you on? I think Win 7 x64. Correct?

I think fixing will set the adapters to automatic. But since they are already set to automatic I doubt it will bring a change.

Are there others who also have this problem?

Win 7 64

I repaired it & was successful. But after system restart it again shows DNS changed?

By the way mine is a fresh install of latest CIS version. I uninstalled previous CIS 6.1 & manually removed all the files/folders including the hidden files/folders from user account folder by enabling show hidden files/folders in folder options.

Can you check the DNS settings for all the network adapters? Can you see if they are all set to automatically get DNS servers? If that’s the case then CCE may be reporting erroneously.

Yes they are all set to auto.

Then I would call it a minor bug. So if you have time and energy please do the honorable thing.

RegKey attached for Devs

Is it safe to export & provide the keys for the entries below?


Devs asked so I provided in a zip with password enabled.

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