CIS 6.1 Virtual Kiosk

If one does not want to install Microsoft Silverlight & Comodo Dragon will virtual kiosk work fine? I prefer Firefox and do not like to use anything Chrome. Also Microsoft Silverlight is something I would not want to install just like how I do not use Java.

What am I missing out by not using Microsoft Silverlight and Comodo Dragon. I guess the browser it’s the Chrome sandbox feature but I could care less for it as Comodo already has it covered. In the case of Silverlight unsure why it would be needed and what feature it adds.

Also if I really need to use Silverlight can I install it standalone and not use the CIS 6.1 option to install it. I have an uninstaller program and install all my programs with it so as to uninstall cleanly.

Thank you & take care. Great product.

The Kiosk will work fine without Silverlight. The only thing which it is technically required for, I believe, is tablet mode. If I’m forgetting something I’m sure someone will correct me soon. :wink:

That’s correct. Instead of Tablet Mode and Classic Mode, the Kiosk will only have Classic Mode available if you don’t install Dragon and Silverlight.

Unless you want to run tablet style apps, Classic Mode will do just fine.

If on silverlight and cd requirement window, dont show this again is selected, how to get this window back?

Using Caution.

Open regedit and navigate to the DontShowVirtualKioskWarn registry entry found in the right column.
Location, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\COMODO\Firewall Pro\Configurations\0\Settings.

Navigate to your active profile, either ‘0, 1, or 2’ to correspond with your active configuration.
Default configurations are usually as follows.
Internet security config is 0
Proactive config is 1
Firewall config is 2

Reset the value of the DontShowVirtualKioskWarn entry from 1 to zero.

The GUI of CIS will need to be closed for the changes to take effect.
Edit: Reworded for clarity.