CIS 6.0 Expectations

I(WE?) just wanted to know what we can we expect from CIS 6.0. I know its way too early to comment on but still i just wanna know if there are any changes in the architecture.
One think i know Melih’s got a few new TRICKS under his sleeve.

yes its too early…

way to early, expect versions of 5.X to show up before version 6.

Let’s make a new topic where we can give tips and hints what CIS 5 is missing.

                     i thought cis  would not stay 5.xx for long time. I thought it would be a direct jump from 5.1 to 6.xx as the same happened to 4.xx.

there will most likely to be a version or two for 5…then move to 6…

What CIS needs to do is make everything into the cloud.

There not Google you know >:-D :smiley:

Having things in cloud saves space on your computer and you are always uptodate and no updates are needed. I see cloud as big plus! :slight_smile:


I have opened a new topic called Ideas for CIS 6

look here to come to the topic

on that day i will uninstall comodo right away.

Same for me.

Count me in.

It is a big plus, only the real trouble would be Microsoft in this case.
As some virusses corrupt administrator rights thus disable cloud to disinfect a microsoft protected file.
However a cloud system should more be aimed at blocking infection before it enters the pc or network.


My internet connect is just a step above dial-up, anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Kinda pitiful unreliable DSL.)