CIS 6.0 - Application Rules window not showing my allowed and blocked apps.

I set the firewall to “custom ruleset”.

I got quite a few popups asking to allow, block, etc several apps and I did choose want I wanted.
Everyhthing works but where can I see what I allowed/blocked?

Application Rules window just shows default settings.

Is this happening just to me?
I completed uninstalled CiS 5.x and installed a clean 6.0

You won’t see anything in the Rules window unless you checked the “Remember my decision” in the alert window. It’s quite small in the lower left corner.

Wow… I feel so stupid. :-[

Thanks L.A.R. Grizzly

No problemo! This new GUI had me going for a while. I’m now used to it since I’ve been using 6.0 when it came out in beta a few months ago.

This happened to me also. It happened in the Proactive setting and did click to remember. I did not happened in the Firewall setting. I also did a clean install.