CIS 6.0 Antivirus doesn't work at all on Vista SP2 32-bit


I recently installed CIS Antivirus 6 (downloaded an hour ago or so) on my friend’s laptop with
Windows Vista 32-bit Home Premium with SP2,
updated it, did the quickscan and from that point my CIS Antivirus doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

The operating system is freshly re-installed (by applying factory default recovery), then updated to SP2 via Windows Update without installing any additional software.

And now Antivirus doesn’t seem to work, like, AT ALL.

Neither the context menu Scan option in Explorer nor the manual scan command in CIS work.
Nothing happens when I use it both ways.
It gives virtually NO indication whatsoever that the scan process even starts. It doesn’t create any scan task, no scanner window is displayed =?

I tried uninstalling CIS using Add/Remove applet from the Control Panel and installing it again, but with no luck.
Then I uninstalled CIS using Revo Uninstaller and removing all what it thought was left by CIS from the system and after that I used CCleaner to do extra cleaning and registry repair, and installed CIS again and it didn’t helped either.

I’m confused. Is CIS Antivirus supposed to “work” this way?

Did anyone had this problem before?

Is Vista 32-bit with SP2 supported by CIS?

What am I doing wrong?

Now I don’t have access to that laptop until tommorrow. I think I try installing CIS 6 on my own box and see if this gives me same issue.

Did you install the AV only or the full CIS package? I have the full suite installed on a Vista Home Basic SP2 32 bit machine and it works fine.

During the installation I indeed selected the AV checkbox alone.
I thought if I only want to use the AV I can safely uncheck other options and instaall it that way.

You can but it’s been my experience that the Comodo AV works best when combined with the other elements of the suite. It should still scan and detect things though. Does it update?

Does running Diagnostics bring a solution?