CIS 6.0.252829.2560 very slowed down start of computer

Hi, i was wondering about new CIS. Version 5 was uninstaled and i instal CIS 6.0.252829.2560.
But CIS 6 slow down PC - mainly starting WIN7 ( Home Premium). With CIS 5 win starts about 35-37 seconds, but with CIS 6 some about 50-60.
But to other site CIS 6 looks good and it seems work good.

Remember v6.0 is still in beta. Performance typically improves in the final version.

Are you using default settings?

If yes, try doing a ratings and full system scan. From what I understand this will cache the good files so they won’t be scanned again.

If no, what have you changed?

Good Luck

Yes Rating Scan helps CIS to build a big list of trusted files and thus, performances are improved.

If performing a rating scan does not help then please report this as a bug. (Make sure that if you do report it as a bug you follow the bug reporting format and attach all required information)