'CIS 5.X - Defense+ Policies Reader', a policy viewer tool for CIS 5.X

Hi Defense+ users,

here is ‘CIS 5.X - Defense+ Policies Reader’ a program I wrote with AutoIt3
(AutoIt3 is a free scripting langage see : AutoIt Scripting Language - AutoIt)
(I wrote a previous version of it for Comodo 3.X some times ago…)

This version is for Comodo 5.X. (I don’t use Comodo 6.X yet), tested under WinXP SP3 - 32 Bits
Of course I’m curious to know if my program also works under Windows Vista/7/8 (32/64 Bits)

Screenshots : first attachments
Download link : last attachment

Updated 07 April 2013 :

  • somes bug fixes
  • much better speed
  • some features added

Program infos :

This program for Comodo CIS 5.X can read, search, and export to clipboard

  • Defense+ General and Execution Control settings (with Buffer Overflow Exclusions & Blocked Files lists)
  • Content of the following predefined groups : COM Interfaces, Registry Keys, Files and Folders
  • Defense+ Predefined Policies, Defense+ Rules

The program does NOT read the following informations :

  • Content of the following lists : Trusted Software Vendors, Trusted Files, Submitted Files, Unrecognized Files
    (only the item count of these lists is displayed, since these lists can get very large and are easy to access through the Comodo UI)
  • Sandbox settings & Always Sandbox file list and parameters
  • Firewall and Anti-virus settings

This program does NOT write anything to the registry or the file system,
and will NOT change your Comodo CIS configuration.
The program only reads some registry datas under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\COMODO.

The program (inside the zip file) comes in 2 flavors :

  • compiled as 32 bits executable : CIS5Def+PolReader.exe
  • as a script that needs to be run by AutoIt3.exe (the script engine) : CIS5Def+PolReader.au3

More details in the Infos.ReadMe file, inside the CIS5Def+PolReader.zip file.

File infos :

MD5 : AC1596E6 E099F7FC 2D908204 0DF25EEA
SHA-1 : AA63B456 0BD2302E 71B4E89D AF042058 1B2FA97E
SHA-256 : 7D512512 73D1AD25 7DFAED5D 2EB1C0D7 10941361 51E7F1CE 1F95AC12 C9A0CC61
(https://www.virustotal.com says 2/42 ! virus suspicions on 7 April 2013, from F-Prot and VBA32,
it should be possible to run my program sandboxed as long as these ‘alerts’ remain)

How to install :

  • UnZip all files in your ‘program files’ folder (‘C:\Program Files’ under Windows XP)
  • Look for the newly created ‘CIS5Def+PolReader’ folder
  • Run CIS5Def+PolReader.exe (32 bit app) inside this folder
    Execute the CIS5Def+PolReader.au3 script inside this folder, with the AutoIt3 Script Engine (AutoIt3.exe)
    AutoIt3.exe can be downloaded from AutoIt Scripting Language - AutoIt

How to uninstall :

  • Simply delete the ‘CIS5Def+PolReader’ folder
    (nothing has been written to the registry)

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