CIS 5 User Interface

Upgraded to CIS 5 and found some issues with the user interface:

  • CIS 4 Theme picked up by CIS 5 but just gave a black screen - had to remove the theme to force CIS 5 to pick up the default.
  • On my laptop I use a reduced font size as the default display - this worked well in CIS 4, but gives almost illegible results in CIS 5.
  • Dates in CIS 4 were nicely formatted (but did not use locale settings), in CIS 5 US Imperialism rules and all dates are formatted in US default layout - what about the rest of the world, guys.

Still my favourite security product! Keep up the good work.

Welcome to the forum ac0935p :slight_smile:

Themes here will work with CIS 5;msg426564#msg426564


Thanks, I picked up a theme, which helps, but the character set is still miniscule and dates are still US :frowning: