CIS 5 RC bug / issue


It seems there is a bug in CIS 5 RC that was not present in CIS 4. It seems that CIS 5 RC Defense+ does not allow sandboxie to start or run correctly giving sandboxie error of failed to start. Even after adding sandboxie to the trusted softwares and even put sandboxie folder as trusted and safe, it still blocks the running of sandboxie. The only way I can get the sandboxie to run is to turn defense+ to disable. Please see to it that this is fixed. This is a major bug.

I posted it in the wrong section. I already have made a reply to cis 5 rc bugs section. please delete this post.

Go to Device Manager, View>Show Hidden Devices, then go to Non Plug and Play Drivers, SbieDrv, open it, Driver tab, set startup to Automatic. Confirm all, restart and KABOOM!!! :-TU O0

Please do not change the settings in has to start in a specfic way if you change these settings sandboxie may not work properly.

Fixed in the release we have so there should be no problems with tomorrow’s release.


If you read here the 6th reply/post Tzuk explains why the Driver cannot start earlier.


:-TU thanks for the info…


Thanks for replies but the device manager tweaking mentioned here did not work. Sandboxie still can not run (has “!” on its icon) and still has the error message “sbie 2331 service start failed [22 / 5] access denied”. Anyway so dennis2 are you saying that tomorrows release will fix this issue with sandboxie then? DO I need to re-download the new release tommorow or use the “check for update” option in cis? Thanks in advance.

If you did change the driver settings please change them back.

It is fixed in the version I have, but they are adding new protections so cannot be 100% sure that it still will work in RC2.

I believe the option to update was available with the last beta.

The only problem you might lose all the new protections keys if you update.

Sorry but is really better if you download and install the new version.



Thanks for the reply dennis2. Also please can someone tell me if the issue is fixed with sandboxie and rec2 once it is out for the test so I decide to install it or not. Right now I have uninstalled comodo cis 5 rc1 and am using AVG 9 pro for the time being. Please let me know once the issue is solved. Please post it here. Thanks in advance.

Working fine with the latest RC released today.


I confirm!


Thanks for replies. SO sandboxie is fine then with rc2? Also is it still as stable as ever? Again thanks for replies.

Totally… Sandboxie driver set back to demand, no problems…
And no bugs, crashes or anything, running on my real system with tons of games and programs alongside malwarebytes antimalware, no issues!

This is truly great news for all Sandboxie users including myself! Way to go Comodo!