CIS 5 Helpfile In Microsoft HTML Help Executable Format??

I’ve removed the old install of CIS4 with Revo Uninstaller, installed CIS 5 with some minor complications, but everything seems OK now. Good job! It looks and feels just right! ;D

But I was very dissapointed to see that when I click the various help file links, I need to go online… And there was some mention of a pdf file you could download. Well, I never ever use that bloated Adobe Reader mess on an online machine, and other alternatives are not very good.

Is there a help file in Microsoft HTML Help Executable Format somewhere? That would be so, ehh… helpful!

I installed CIS 5 on another machine, so I Can’t check right now if there actually was a standard help file
included in the release, which it should. :P0l

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There is a online help page that gives you plenty of information in how to use CIS5. Also downloadable as PDF file fortmat.

This pdf should be added to the installer, i would have killed to have something like this >:-D

TweakerBee; do you have ms word?

Thanks for Your replies!

offchu : A PDF file is what I was hoping I could avoid. As mentioned, I don’t want a PDF reader installed on my online machine, especially not the Adobe one. I could of course open the PDF in my offline DAW, but it would be a lot of going back and forth. I could also print the PDF, but compared to a simple .chm file…?

I have no idea why this function was removed with CIS 5. To have to go online and look for help, compared to just clicking the link on the bottom of every window… It’s just a matter of making things easier for us newbies, trying to get to know this great great software.

fieseler : No, I don’t have MS Word. But of course, Wordpad. Any ideas? Is there a way to copy all the contentcs of a PDF file into Wordpad?

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Maybe pdf2doc: if word not installed, wordpad shall read .doc with some limitations

Another solution is pdftohtml: (altough quite tricky to use with images).

Or to create chm, indeed a very convenient format, but leading to use very unconvenient softwares:

Converting a foreign format to windows .hlp is not free as far as i am aware, and creating .hlp is possible but a real pain.

Last solution i can think of is of course downloading the html help files with an offline browser, and then either keep the html format, either convert it itself to doc, but needs to install word or to use paid softwares as far as i know.

brucine : Thanks for Your info! I’ll try one or more of the solutions You mentioned.

Luckily, I managed to get the .chm file for CIS4 out of an older Ghost image, so I can also use that, although this is not updated to reflect the changes in CIS5. But the basics are still the same.

So I’ll try to get some words out of the current CIS5 help file, following Your advice. In the meantime, I hope the developers get it sorted the way it should be, for a more user friendly experience.

Thanks again, all!

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