CIS 5 has not caught all the tested malware

CIS 5 does not detect all the tested malware and has not caught all the malware in the test:

How is it possible, that Malwarebytes and Hitman find malware on the PC, which Comodo has not caught?


Look at my thread comodo added a ■■■■ load of av signatures blocked all samples for me this is an old test.

I never seen such an unprofessional review! Why on the Earth each one who has Camtasia and Virtual Box imagines himself a professional tester!!!

Most of 14 threats that Hitman pro found were from My documents/Virus folder on his desktop. How he could even consider them as threats. Yes in ideal situation COMODO AV was supposed to detect them but if it didn’t, so no big deal! Comodo AV is constantly improving and CIS as a suite works great. SO I don’t see any reason for such a panic. Regarding dll files that MBAM found i am not sure. May be someone who understands more will explain me. My guess that those files are from sandboxed rogues that were treated as partially limited. So do they damage the system or they are harmless?

the files we don’t catch using AV is stopped by Automatic Sandboxing and analysed in the Cloud.

The question is: what happens to malware that other AV’s don’t catch? :wink:


In my tests, Comodo Antivirus missed some malware that was detected by malwarebytes, hitman, or superantispyware. However, Comodo also detected malware that the other programs did not.
No signature based malware scanner can detect 100% of threats, and each AV company will have a different detection rate at any given time based on what threats have been submitted to them and which threats you decide to test.

Detection rates of signature-based AV are not of major importance because relying on a signature based method of protection is destined for failure regardless of detection rate. No AV program can update their signatures fast enough to keep up with the development of new malware. At best, they lag behind and barely keep pace.

In CIS, the AV is only one layer of protection. So, if a piece of malware is not detected by the AV, it is no problem because the other layers of protection prevent malware from compromising your computer.

As Melih indicates in his post, security programs/suites that rely on signatures will fail to protect you against new malware.

So, for CIS, malware that is missed by the AV does not pose a threat (it’s stopped by other layers of protection). But for many other security programs, malware that is missed by their AV creates a big problem when it infects the system.

Nonetheless, Comodo AV appears to have a detection rate comparable to the top anti-malware programs (based on my tests and several published tests). And I am sure Comodo will have the best detection soon.


it was a great explanation! Thanks Whoop-dee-doo

I see what you say and installed CIS 5.0 as a whole suite and feel safe. As i said before i understand the philosophy of COMODO that the key is the prevention. But if users has an option to use another AV with comodo firewall they need a reason why to install COMODO AV if they can have a top notch protection of D+ and Firewall plus a better AV.

I know that CIS a a suite great and during beta I tried to infect my main working system using cis 5.0 and never could do it!!!

CIS is great but if the AV detection improve more and more people will install CIS as a suite and more and more people will treat it as a perfect suite and not a great firewall with HIPS that needs to be installed with another AV.