CIS 5 GUI vs CIS 4

Definitely, I don’t like the CIS beta 5 new GUI and prefer the old one CIS 4. I must be “retro”…! :slight_smile:

The first time i opened up the new GUI of CIS v5 i was quite shocked, but after a few times, you do get somewhat used to it. I do think that the current one is a bit too static/boring. Of course the main goal is to supply the required information, but the presentation can be a little more beautiful. I think the interface of CIS v4 was better in that respect.
That being said, i do really like the new icons, and pop-ups. They are a great improvement over v4.

I still use CIS 4, but from the pictures I see, CIS 5 looks great.

Yes, I still use CIS 4 but cant wait for CIS 5 and CIS 5 Gui is awsome!

V5, from what I’ve seen is much more aesthetically pleasing to most users including myself. I agree that the GUI’s main function is relaying information but a little flare never hurt anyone. :wink:

I’m using the Comodo V5 beta and i love the new GUI the one in 4.0 was harsh on the eyes.

OMG… Stop talking about GUI. It’s important, but not as much as correct working! All those posts how bad was GUI on CIS4… You’re all overreacting.

^^^ you’re kidding right. The GUI is the most important thing of all. Imagine the most amazing security suite, with 0 bugs, 100% protection and couple that with an un-intuitive GUI … whose gonna use it? No-one, coz they wouldn’t understand how to.

This to me, is the only reason why windows has 90%+ market share. ubuntu does everything windows does, but the minute you have to do something else… terminal screen = fail.

CIS is a very advanced, granular and well programmed software. Its biggest beef was its GUI, its got too many child levels, too many wasted options - it still has but its getting better. Good example is the new version of MalwareDefender - lots of screens and options have been done away with. Another great example is DefenseWall. Run it and it works.

To me, GUI is 90% of the software. what good is it, if i don’t know how to use it.

It’s your opinion and I don’t share it the same way, just like some said it’s just a GUI if I know how the software works even a GUI with checkbox’s etc will be intuitive after spending some time with it.

I’m gonna say it once again :slight_smile: Maybe you didn’t understood me properly:

GUI is important, but not as much as proper work of this software. GUI won’t secure you (or am I wrong? It can only give illusive feeling of being secured). Of course nice GUI makes whole product much nicer and easier to use, but it’s not worth to make whole bunch of topics about that. CIS 5 GUI is nice, but it needs few improvements (visual bugs) like only part of word visible on button (languages other than english). There are also some people moaning all the time about that.

^^^ aaahh… now I get what you were saying.

You make a great point i would rather be secured than have a fancy gui.

I would rather both! :-TU

Yep. :slight_smile:

Sometimes I think, oh, this company didn’t really spend much time making the GUI nice/friendly. I wonder if they care much about what the product is supposed to do, or how many bugs it has, either.

Are there any themes for CIS 5 yet?

The GUI in v5 isn’t all that different as most of the stuff is still placed in a similar way as in v4, but it feels much better as a whole and some things are slightly better made. Though i still hate blocky icons on buttons in detection popups (when a malware is detected). It seems like there is no smoothing involved on the edges… But that’s me again, most are fine with pretty much anything they get. I’m not. If something steers for perfection, it has to be perfect everywhere and that includes even small things like this.


I like both interfaces, although Comodo v5’s interface seems to be smoother. The new interface looks very sleek!

There’s no reason you can’t have both. A poor GUI doesn’t reflect well on the product itself. It’s kinda like a fast car with an oxidized, rusty body. Why take the time to build the car to run 9’s in the 1/4 and not take the time to make it look good. Another thing; have you ever seen a product that made you wonder if it was a rogue? GUI matters. It actually matters alot.

Btw, I’ve never understood why people take the time to reply to a post with a “Who cares about_____…” ??? If you don’t care about it then don’t post about it, those who DO care have the option to post what they care about. Just an observation. O0