CIS 5 - Firewall On Lan

Hello everyone

i got problem regarding the CIS 5 firewall. i’m with my personal laptop and i’m on LAN. i downloaded CIS from comodo website. install on my laptop but it keeps blocking me to the internet. i tried uninstall and reinstall 3 times, but its still remain blocked. i’ve done the tweak on ‘Network Security Policy’ under application rules allowed my chrome acted like browser and nothing changes. i even cannot update CIS 5 antivirus database.

Gateway :

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums

I suggest you make a network by first going to CIS → firewall → Network Security Policy → New network–> 1st add–> A New network Zone → enter a name, 2nd -->add addresses here → A New Address → IPv4 Single Address. (add them one by one first and then

When you have added those go to CIS → Firewall ->_ Stealth wizard Guide — > Define a new trusted network and make my ports stealth for everyone else —> I would like to trust one of Network Zones —> Zone Names → the name of the network zone → okey-

I hope this will help.

Valentin N

Are you on a big LAN (think work, college,etc)? Try disabling Block Fragmented IP Diagrams.