CIS 5 Firewall Help

Not sue if this should go in help section, but since its v5 ill post here.

Noticing quite a buildup of blocked tcp & udp requests in the ‘Firewall Events’ log. I’ve set the alert level frequescy to low which should give me pop ups for thee requests - but for some reason they are just being blocked. (Note - this doesn’t actually cause any issue with the application thats blocked eg bad company 2 or xfire)

Can anyone help me find out why?

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We need some extra information to be able to help you.

What is the name of the application? What kind of application is it? Does it need an open port for incoming traffic? What firewall policy are you using for that program?

I figured out i was using the ‘outgoing only’ policy for all applications. (Ie firewall behaviour from cis v4.0)

So I have to manually trust an app if it causes an issue - which i don’t mind tbh.

at comodo firewall 4 there was a posibility to set the rule ASK for all aplications that try to connect to the internet
pls how can i make this setting at 5 ? each apps that try to connect to net to ask me for ? (i want to block autoupdating some apps) thanks
firewall 5 is not so frendly and easy to set as 4

Like in v4 you need to set it to “Create rules for safe applications” and up the Alert settings to Custom Policy Mode.

Firewall at 5 version lost a lot a good options (like ask policy/rule) and i think is no longer better than PC Tools firewall plus , i just wait for final 7 version of Pc tools to try it .Cis 5 firewall is to simplist and ugly , a big step back in my oppinion

thanks for your answer EricJH

Sorry to see you go of course.

Let’s see if I can change your mind though. I just can’t help it…:wink:

You can easily get the extensive “old” behaviour back.

When I look at the Matousec Proactive Challenge I see the PC Tools firewall v6 does a poor job protecting. Of course things may change with the upcoming v7. In short with v5 you will likely be better protected than with PCT v7…