CIS 5 - cmdagent high cpu usage - d+ disabled

Hi everyone!

I am not sure if it’s a bug or a configuration topic so I post it here.
I am using CIS 5 and realized that cmdagent consumes much cpu. I thought it might be related with defense+ and deactivated it. But cmdagent still consumes much cpu.

When cmdagent works, it and lsass use about 50% CPU.
The overall CPU usage of cmdagent an lsass is about 30% of the CPU time (after 40 minutes the computer is running).
I am running CIS 5 on Win 7 x64.

So my questions:
How can I reduce the cpu consumption? How can I turn off cmdagent? What is cmdagent needed for?


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Hi everyone,

it seems I found the problem. cmdagent seems to scan the disk even if D+ is disabled. But it depends on the “Unrecognized Files” list. I moved a few files that were “Unrecognized Files” to the “Trusted Files”, I deleted the rest of the files and I purged the list. I keep D+ disabled.
Perhaps moving the files to the “Trusted Files” might also have helped.

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If you get an occurrence of high CPU. Completely remove CIS using the CIS removal tool. The media fire link works well. Read the instructions carefully and do a registry clean after every action and reboot after every action. Then do a clean reinstall of CIS 5.

The mediafire link is

Sounds a little long winded but it worked for me.