CIS 5 causing slow booting on Toshiba Portege R700

A week ago bought the new Toshiba PortegeR700-1001U model PT314L-00R013.

  1. Processor: Intel(R)Core™ i3 CPU M350[at]2.27GHz. RAM: 4.00 GB. OS: 32bit MS Win7 Home Premium v.6.1.7600 Build 7600 (OEM).
    2.Uninstalled the preloaded Norton Internet Security 2010 Trial Version (not activated yet). Deleted all Norton/Symantec files and folders. Cleaned the registry with WinASO and Comodo Registry Cleaner 2.2.335611.5.
    Check again with Autoruns v.10.02 (
  2. Installed CIS 5.0.162636.1135. Restarted and got a very long booting time.
  3. Updated the Virus Signature Database (104MB plus). Restarted and got about 8 minutes booting time.
  4. Uninstalled CIS 5, then installed CIS 4.1.150349.920. Restarted and got normal booting time.
  5. Updated the Virus Signature Database (104MB plus). Restarted and got a very long booting time again.
    7.Uninstalled CIS, deleted all Comodo files and folder, cleaned the registry with WinASO.
  6. Installed Avast Free Anti Virus 5.0.677, got normal booting time again.
    Win Defender and Firewall were turned off since the beginning and turned on again after Avast installation.
    FYI: Installed CIS 5 on the other notebook HP Pavilion dv4-1233tx, running Win Vista Home Premium and no problem.

my lenovo laptop gets slower since i install the CIS 5 that why i unstall it… i will wait for the new update.

my os win 7 32bit

Try Installation & initial configuration the hassle-free way (CIS 5.x).

The reason why I am mentioning this topic is that on a clean install there are situations where the initial boot process is very slow. That is the case when lot of programs start with Windows that are not initially recognised. The tutorial is a good guide in this process.

When you are trying to clean install v5 again let it connect to the internet in the installation process. It will do a cloud look up of all processes that are running in order to provide for a smoother post boot. Please enable Windows Firewall during installation; and don’t forget to switch if of after the reboot as CIS won’t disable it for you.

Dear Eric,

Tried you suggestion but the problem is still there.

  1. Avast uninstalled using Revo Uninstaller Pro 2.4.1 (unregistered version, 1 month trial). Reboot.
  2. Clean registry with WnASO 4.5.5 and Comodo System Cleaner 2.2.335611.5. Reboot.
  3. Turned off Win Defender, keeping Win Firewall. Connecting to internet then, installing CIS 5.
  4. Followed step 3-13 as mentioned in Installation & initial configuration the hassle-free way (CIS 5.x). No unrecognized files and no application running in SandBox. Every reboot still took abt 8 minutes.
    5.Turned off Win Firewall, clean registry again. Reboot 3 times, each took abt 8 minutes.
  5. Gave up! Better wait for next upgrade of CIS 5. Uninstalled CIS 5 then installed Avast again.

Best regards,

Or you could get “autorunsc” from M$. Start it, turn of the useless garbage that Toshiba is calling software and booting it all the time (on my last Toshiba I had to turn off 12 Programs) then install Comodo, if the boot is still slow wait for it once, turn of Defense+ and Sandbox reboot again and you are fine…


Dear LordRayden,

Used Autoruns v.10.02 (downloaded thru M$) already to turn off many of the Toshiba programs and to check drivers, pls see my first post. Think this is the very same “autorunsc” that you mentioned. Problem is which Toshiba preloaded software is in conflict with CIS 5, so it can be turned off.
Do you mean to turn off Defense+ and Sandbox once to get normal booting time, and if it succeeds then D+ n SB can be turned on again? Will try.

Tks n brgds,

Did you disable all drivers and services as well as executables of the Toshiba software?

Preloaded Toshiba softwares:

  1. Application and Drivers: shows installed application and drivers. Random example:
    Adobe Flash Player, Bluetooth Monitor v4.05/TC00299500C.exe, Intel AMT Software6.00.40.1215/TC00350800A.exe, etc.
  2. Toshiba bulletin board.
  3. Toshiba Reel Time.
  4. Bluetooth.
  5. CD&DVD Application.
  6. ConfigFree.
  7. Speech System.
  8. Toshiba Media Controller.
  9. Utilities:
    a. Accessibility
    b. Cooling Performance Diagnostic
    c. Eco Utility
    d. Face Recognition Help
    e. Face Recognition
    f. Flash Cards Help
    g. HDD SSD Alert Help
    h. HDD SSD Alert
    i. HW Setup
    j. Password Utility
    k. PC Diagnostic Tool
    l. PC Health Monitor
    m. Restart Flashcards
    n. Security Assist
    o. Service Station
    p. Settings for Flash Cards
    q. Sleep Utility
    r. Sync Utility.
    s. Toshiba Assist.
    t. Toshiba Fingerprint Utility
    u. Web Camera Application Help
    v. Web Camera Application
    w. Zooming Utility Help
    x. Zooming Utility.
  10. Toshiba DVD Player.

Definition of softwares may be available at Toshiba website or Users Guide.
No. 2,3,9c,9d,9e,9q are turned off - not included in logon/startup, service disabled but drivers remain (not deleted). Looking for advice if any other non essential software may be turned off as well.

Tks n brgds,

I can confirm the problem… I have two Toshiba Protege 700 too, installed CIS 64bit (the november 11, 2010 version) and now logging in takes forever on both of them (didn’t check exactly how much, but I’d say at least 10 minutes).
No problem at all on other machines.

the problem can be solved by putting the firewall in training mode at the first boot. It will learn to give internet access to logonUI.exe, next boots will be ok.
Now the question is… why the hell logonUI.exe wants to access the net??

  1. Updated R700 to:
    Toshiba Fingerprint Utility
    BIOS v1.80.
    Toshiba Service Station 2.1.45.
  2. Disabled Windows Defender , Windows Firewall and Avast.
  3. Installed CIS 5.0.163652.1142.
    Changed Firewall Security level to Training Mode ( Thanks to piccia)
  4. R 700 started normally.
  5. Updated the Virus Signature Database Version 7233.
  6. Checked for the latest update for Internet Security.
  7. R 700 started normally.
  8. Changed Comodo Virus Real Time Scanning to On Access.
    Changed Comodo Firewall Security level to Safe Mode.
  9. R 700 started normally.
  10. Uninstalled Avast and cleaned registry with WinASO
    Manually deleted all Alwil n Avast files that remained.
  11. R 700 started normally. Run a scan w/CIS, no virus/malware/spyware.
  12. Problem solved.

However, still do not understand why logonUI.exe (located in C:/Windows/System32) wants to access the net - didn’t install any 3rd party themes.
R 700 has a Toshiba theme and four Toshiba desktop backgrounds installed. May be this is the cause?

Waiting for CIS 5.3.174622.1216 update, due next week…

Updated on line to CIS 5.3.175888.1227 n Virus Signature Database Version 7370 on Jan12,2011 at 12:40 UTC. All working properly.
Thanks to the Comodo team!

The same problem with the welcome screen was bugging me for several months.
Updating comodo didn’t solve the problem for me but at last i managed to find a working solution.
The solution was to add “c:\windows\windows32\LogonUI.exe” and “C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\TFPU\TFPUMainApp.exe” to comodo’s trusted applications.
Welcome screen has never lagged again since i did that.
Hope i helped!