CIS 5 AV-Database update

Hello Pro’s

I have a problem that I can’t figure out.

I am using CIS 5 on All of my computers (7), 4 Desktops and 3 Laptops, one is my wife’s.
Now I have been fixing 2 computers for a friend, one Desktop and 1 Laptop.

All of My computers always update the database regularly, and on time.
The Desktop of my friend’s updates perfectly , but the laptop will not ever update.

Gateway SA6, Quad Core Intel, 4 Gig mem, Standard Intel Graphic (on-board)
Windows 7 x64 Home Pro
CIS 5 (total)

This Laptop came with Vista and McAfee, My friend updates to Windows 7.
After uninstalling all the junk from Gateway, including the McAfee (cause it is still ■■■■■), and cleaning up his HD and files, Then I installed Comodo and went to update the database, and I have uninstalled and reinstalled 2 times and it will never update. I have run Network Diagnostics and tests and have no problem.
All I have been able to do is replace the “bases.cav” file in safe mode to update and run the scann.

Does Anyone Have the Idea to find out what could be the problem?

I have even Added this laptop to my HomeGroup, and Network name.


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Um !!! very tricky . Is there any type of filtering program running on the laptop such as Peer Block?

The only thing I can suggest is going to internet Options and restore the advanced setting under the advanced tab. Don’t see this would help if everything else can access the network.

On the other hand install Peer Block and make sure http is allowed - clear the log window and leave it open. Try to update Comodo and see if the connection is made with the sever or see if something on the system is blocking it. Just also make sure that show allowed connections is checked under options on Peer Block. That should give you some insight.

Let me know if you get it going. I just finished downloading Comodo and can’t update the virus defs either.

Hi se my post heare;msg451908#msg451908 I was doing this on my Netbook with preinstaled McAfee to but Win XP x32
Im not Pro, only normal user with more questions that answers:) av 6482 about 20 minutes ago with some problems of my connection. My net chock out when DB files are grater than 300kb ;D Writing a posts is for me hard work…

Hey sAye

I have tried it again Including PeerBlock - Monitoring the network access - and reInstalled attempt.
Still not connecting to the internet for the Updater process of the AV database.

All I have been able to do is install the “bases.cav” in the scanners folder in “Safe Mode”.

I still have no Idea, where to find the problem. The App Updater is able to access the internet with no problems.

Does Anyone Have any idea how to find the problem???


Have you tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it while following the methodology given here?

Also, you can try running the McAfee Consumer Products Removal tool. Maybe the problem is with a McAfee component that was not removed correctly.

Are any other programs unable to access the internet?

Hello Chiron

I did already remove “McAfee” from the laptop and run the CCleaner to cleanup the system before I installed Comodo CIS 5, not an upgrade. I have never liked McAfee at all, I have always run tests on security Ops and Apps and found that Comodo is always High above many others in Operations, Security and capabilities. I have never herd of “McAfee Consumer Products Removal tool” before. I will try it the next time my friend brings his laptop again for updates (his home only has dial up, I have cable @ 15MB dl speed), so I will try it next time.