CIS 5.9.221665.2197 and leaktest.exe from


2 year+ CIS user, first time poster.

Never needed to use the forums before, I can handle most everything, but this one has honestly stumped me.

I am using Win 7(64bit) Home Premium SP1 on a Dell XPS17. Windows update run 2 days ago. Windows firewall disabled, CIS fully updated, virus signature database verion 11542. Belarc Advisor output available if you really need that much info.

Just for pure recreational interest, I visited and attempted to download “leaktest.exe”. Download completed, but in under 1 second, CIS responds with a popup saying that the threat has been detected and quarantined. I have tried many methods of restoring the file, both from within CIS(quarantined files>restore), and from Windows. None are successful. I even tried shutting down CIS to see if I could possibly run the file that way, but no joy. I have not attempted to stop the CIS service from running in services.msc.

Now, I am aware of the visceral reaction some people have to the whole ports stealthed/closed/open thing, and their arguments have some merit, but the vehemence and vitriol with which their arguments are presented are unwarranted and unnecessary. I just wanted to try the program out of curiosity, not FUD. Soooooo

With all that said, could someone with a cool head on their shoulders please help me with the following:

  1. Is there a way to stop CIS from quarantining a file, any file, without stopping the actual service(note, I am not referring to right-clicking the tray icon and selecting “Exit”)

  2. Would stopping the service actually work?(Disregarding the security risks please, I am well aware of those)

  3. Are there better(hopefully free;))alternatives to firewall testing than GRC’s leaktest.exe? Web-based or Stand-alone?

  4. (unrelated, and probably answered in multiple other locations) Are there any truly independent security software comparison/benchmark/test sites available? I have searched online but been truly disappointed(one was actually purporting to have tested 20 different ones and then proceeded to claim that bitdefender had outperformed them all 88))

Thanks in advance for your time and thanks to Comodo for a product that has kept me safe for more than 2 years(so safe, evidently, that now even testing it is not safe :P)

Right click on the CIS icon. Then select “Antivirus Security Level” and select Disabled. Now the antivirus won’t detect anything until you move it back to Stateful.

Then you should be able to restore it from the quarantine, or re-download it without any trouble.

Please let us know if you still have problems and (very important) don’t forget to reenable the antivirus when you’re done.

Also, if you don’t want it automatically quarantining things, you can go to Antivirus → Scanner Settings → Real Time Scanning and de-select Do not show antivirus alerts.

There is also a setting in Scheduled Scanning. De-select Automatically clean threats found during scanning.