CIS 5.8 spotted

Ok, thanks for the info, will wait for it to come through the internal program updater.

I just received the update. Also update page has 5.8.211697.2124 on it!!!

this bata works just fine

The final version is one step newer then the final us mods got to download on Friday. The only changes to the newer version are some last minutes changes for the language files according to egemen.

I used the program updater to update to CIS 5.8.211697.2124.

Thanks for the update. It is working fine.

so, where is cis 5.8 final?

via the beta version internal updater

5.8 final is loaded and working well. I only have the firewall installed but it updated without an issue.

Now this is not fair yaa. They say a fresh install is always good than upgrading from beta but they released the upgrade final from beta & not the installation file for the final. Not good.


??? Where is the full changelog from 5.5 to 5.8.

Now it is released in news/announcement section. Check out.