CIS 5.8 spotted

I came across this on languy’s page on youtube

says its the final version when testing, is it here already?

It is scheduled for release on Tuesday but the mods already have it.

EricJH can you release it now?

We are tired of waiting … :smiley:

Please give me a link…I can`t wait anymore……Comodo is the best av…I love everything about it :love: :110: :Marry:

It’s far more than just AV… :wink:

Sorry all, releases can only be done by Comodo staff.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. Not long now … :wink:


a long day in front of me…

Any new news about Cis 5.8 final??? :viva: pleaseeeeeeeeeee give us a link to final version (:LOV)

Read my lips…tomorrow…egemen…download…install…

Many thanks, and a kiss for you }{

Comodo mostly releases, releases related to CIS on Tuesday, why? Are they superstitious like Tuesday is their lucky day & releasing CIS on Tuesday will make Antivirus detect better :wink: or any other reason?

By the way I am from India, Its 7.28 PM, Oct 10 & this website on the top is showing the time 8.55 AM Oct 10, so I think I will have to wait for 2 days to get the final release.


In languy’s review of CIS 5.8, we could see that some malware was being executed in sandbox, allowing them to take the focus completely and being on top of EVERYTHING, including CIS itself.

I know this doesnt mean that the PC its infected with the malware. But its annoying to deal with this kind of stuff. I have read many posts about this in the forum since beginnings of version 5. We are almost on version 6 and this is still an issue.

Any comments about this?

Restart PC…I hope it is not 24/7 server…

I know restarting PC or killing the process removes the pop up from thhe malware.
But what I am saying its why CIS cant handle this situation without the need to restart?

Same here buddy its hard to wait.

By the way the AV database of CIS 5.8 is totally new database with new engine or the same database of 5.5 with new engine & just the size from 200 MB was compressed to 80MB.

I am asking this coz with 5.8 I am seeing new detection name which I never saw with 5.5.


There is not a web guard in that video.


What do you mean with ‘web guard’ ? CIS does not scan http.

Would it be possible to update to 5.8 from the 5.5’s internal program updater or do we have to wait for it to be implemented later on, like they did with past versions ?

The last I heard, the automatic update from CIS 5.5 to CIS 5.8 will not be immediately available when CIS 5.8 is released. I believe the updater will follow within a couple of weeks following the 5.8 release.

But, you’ll be please to know that if CIS 5.5 is present when CIS 5.8 is installed then your Active Profile is saved and made available, with “(old)” appended, in CIS 5.8. To date, a couple of Mods have tried their previous profiles (myself included) with CIS 5.8 and nobody has reported any problems as of yet. Of course, this is not the recommended course of action. :slight_smile: