CIS 5.8 RC can protect from yahoo! bot ?

There are many Yahoo! bot programs that can sniff and disconnect you from Yahoo! messenger.

Is there any way Comodo can protect against this or it doesn’t have anything to do with a firewall or Defence+ ?

So you have any sample?

The firewall will show you a popup about this program trying to connect (depend on your CIS settings)
D+ will you a popup of a process trying to modify other, and also other popups

Yes, I have two samples.

I’m speaking of somebody else trying to kick me off Yahoo! messenger.

CIS 5.8 RC? Where?


That’s beta. -_-

Well it won’t be, because at least one bug has been already fixed. Therefore, RC will follow.

RC doesn’t mean there is no bug. Even final versions have bugs.

Anyway, I started this topic asking something completely different.

Getting back to the individuals initial subject.

I do not know if this is in relation to what your intentions were in writing this post. But I have been in contact with the Yahoo administrators in my personal hassles that I have been having with their messenger program that they have on their online e-mail service. Every single time I login to their e-mail service, I am kicked off of my standalone messenger program using Yahoo! messenger. This has been quite irritating and those so-called “Yahoo help” did absolutely nothing to “help me” to rectify this annoyance!

Is that what you were referring to?

Roger :slight_smile:


You may be logged in on the sidebar chat on Yahoo! mail. Weird…

I was reffering to those “smart guys” having yahoo! bot programs that can log you off yahoo! messenger.
You simply enter the target ID and hit the button “Kick off” and he’s out of messenger.

This is all about.

Would be interesting for some input from the Comodo team, or anyone who is in the know on this subject. :slight_smile:

I was right.