CIS 5.8 Installation Process

Current Beta installation process is good. I like that they presented the DNS feature in the main page of the installation which was previously in the customize section.

I think GeekBuddy should also feature in the main page of installation process instead of customize section. And DNS & GeekBuddy should be Opt-In instead of Opt-Out.


I think the 5.8 install process is vastly improved compared to previous versions.

I thought so too - up to the point where multiple reboots were needed. :frowning: Then I saw the GeekBuddy had been automatically installed as I allowed the CIS update to proceed. (I’d deselected it when I installed 5.3?, so I hadn’t expected that.) ??? Then I found that CIS and GeekBuddy weren’t on the same drive as the version that it was “updating”. :cry: Then my Outlook mail client started crashing. >:( This was like a CA fiasco from the 1990’s. :embarassed:

When I opened CIS I saw that its status pane showed that CIS 5.8 reporting that it wasn’t working right. Running diagnostics before and after restarting my PC found no errors. :-TD To get CIS and GeekBuddy completely off my PC, I had to uninstall them, manually delete the orphaned folders and files of the previous version, and do a registry clean, before I could successfully custom install 5.8 where and how I wanted it. :-TD :-TD :-TD

This was similar to what happened when “updating” from CIS 4 to CIS 5. If the centralized upgrade process works the same way in a endpoint managed environment, (I was the AV admin for 5000+ PCs), I’d take a pass on the"upgrade", call the sales dept and complain. Then if I still felt the product was worth the effort of an update, I’d build my own package to take out the old version, reboot, and install the new one.