CIS 5.8 Free (Great and more)

Hi all…

Its time to say the truth here.

CIS 5.8 is freak! The best security suite i ever seen…

I started with 5.5 with many bugs then I uninstalled it… Then I back in 5.8 final and that is it. No more dark days with my computer… Just green and fun!

Thanks comodo for the 5.8 release and keepo the great work on it.

btw.: i saw the mail from av-comparativies… F$%# then! F$%# AV-COMPARATIVIES! COMODO ROCKS!

edit.: oh… i almost forgot…

my pc is n athlon x2 5.000+, 4gb ddr2, ati radeon hd 4550, sata hd 500gb, mb ecs geforce 7050 am2+.

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With version 5.9 coming soon, things will only get better.

thank you for your appreciation!


Some malware can bypass CIS 5.8.

1.“delete” all files

2.“destroy” all files (all files become 0KB)

its fair to say nothing is 100%…and its also fair to say, there are less malware that can bypass CIS than other traditional AVs.

please keep the feedback coming and keep sending samples to us so that we can protect you more.
thank you


mod edit: typo fixed

Hope that after you’ll receive samples you’ll get appropriate steps to fix that. :slight_smile:
I’m keep sending samples to CCE team to improve that product, hope that samples which bypass CIS will be checked.

I think this is supposed to be fixed with V 5.9. We’ll have to wait and see.

Also there’s not many that can do this, and the number keeps dropping. :wink:

Comodo CIS/CCE +1 + Infinity!

Considering the mere fact that all testing is done with thousands if not dozens of thousands different malware/Trojans/etc. that from “normal person” who uses the computer will more than likely NEVER encounter, CIS is the Very Best Security Prevention software that ANY intellectual-based humanoid could ever use!!

I know that just my personal curiosity based use (always using the Internet for what it was created for) of the computer over the last decade or 2+ years and since my use of CIS has dropped from many to zilch!

Roger :slight_smile:


well… the topic started as an effort to show my happiness with CIS… and then you ■■■■ the topic with issues or whitshlist…

please guys, lets keep the line here…