CIS 5.8 Beta preview (Video & Screen Shot)

Languy was so kind to give us a little CIS 5.8 private beta preview…enjoy it


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mmm…nothing to say about that? I personally like the new GUI…

Looks good.
Personally i’m curious what changes are made in D+ module.

A good Software review of CIS 5.8.

When did you release it as a final or beta or rc version of it any dates for it

5.8 - 5.5 = 0.3

So we have to expect 3 more intermediate versions?

At the end of the beta testing period we will probably have avast 6…I suppose

Avast 6 ??? :o I wasn’t aware Comodo was planning to sell CIS :wink:

Ok, it’s official…I need a vacation!!! ;D

Have fun then :wink: where’s the trip going?

I have 1 complain about the interface:

The “Comodo Internet Security Premium” title is way too much on the top. It’s just on the top left of the interface - needs to go on better place!

Other that that what it goes the preview, it’s pretty good one.

Any major changes other than the GUI and design changes ?

Listen carefully to what languy is saying during the presentation :wink:

heres a hint 64 bit :wink:

Anybody know what are the major features of this version, I have seen the video and he just say that the x64 HIPS now is as good as the x86.

We don’t know what changed under the hood with the 64 bits version. I am hoping egemen will tell more when 5.8 becomes a public beta release.

lets hope he gives us a more complete change log. there were a few things that changed in 5.5 that we had to figure out on our own

That seriously, as this sell and to whom, and that will become for us users CIS and in that will change CIS?

do not scare us

Melih has said CIS will always be free

i was surprised to see a new GUI before v6. i like it. curious to see the change log. i hope comodo listens to us users and adds the features we have been asking for a long time. timer or icon change when component disabled, reverse ip lookup for firewall and easily manage/change TVL. those 3 things will make a lot of people happy

see this simply that rumours about sale, hope that will be free