CIS 5.8 Beta (License and Antivirus)


I installed CIS 5.8 BETA, only Firewall and Defense+ without Antivirus and Geek-Buddy, because I use another AV and I don’t need any live-support. But when I enterd my License-Key, CIS called for a restart.
After the restart Comodo AV and Geek-Buddy were installed without any advice and it isn’t possible to uninstall the AV or I don’t know the right way to do it. So I need help to uninstall the AV.

try going to add/remove program oftions in controlpannel from there click uninstall Comodo internet security click next there it will ask what u want to do

  1. modify
  2. repair
  3. uninstall
    click on modify and deselect the components u dont want or select th components u want and click next there u are problem solved
    hope it helps

Start → Settings → Control Panel → Add or Remove Programs.
Select CIS and press Change → Next → Change and turn off Antivirus → Next.
Finish the procedure.

Hope this helps…

EDIT: DA**!!! Loveboy was 10 secs faster… :o ;D

Thx, but it isn’t possible to select “repair” or “modify”…only “uninstall”…that’s my problem.

You might have a bad install.
Try this first. Go to start>all program> comodo> Comodo internet security or firewall>Add remove components. You then should be able to remove things from there. I know that you can remove the AV because I’ve done it a bunch of times this way.
Other than that you may have a bad install. If so download the comodo removal tool.

I’ve already tried that…with the same result. I know, that it was possible with CIS 5.5, but with 5.8 it isn’t.
I think this problem was caused by entering the license-key and the initiated installation of the AV. Now I’ve removed CIS completely and reinstalled the firewall with the cloud-component and Defense+ and it’s possible to modify the installation again.
I won’t enter my license-key again…I did it, because I was curious what would happen. :slight_smile:

THX for help