CIS 5 64bit important question


I was just told over at wilder security that CIS 64bit has some security flaws that are kept hidden (some securities are turned off) and it vulnerable to attacks unlike 32bit which is very secure. Is this true? Is the 64bit weaker in protection then 32bit? I have installed it on my 64bit win 7 and am worried now. Please someone in the know tell me if this is true? Thanks in advance.

Currently, there is a flaw

Yes, We have disabled Ret2Libc Code Injection in Vista64 on 64 bit processes because of thre significant number of false alerts. It will be reintroduced once the problem is solved.;msg270827#msg270827


Yes it is true that the 64 bit is weaker in defense but I have 64 bit XP and has yet to have a problem but there is one or two small areas that are weaker on there 64 bit where there 32 bit is almost full proof. Read the forum to see the flaws in the 64 bit one is with the sandbox not able to do virtual registry in the 64 bit and something to do with 64 bit Internet Explorer as well in the 64 bit is not as secure. But as I said I’ve had it on my 64 bit XP for 2 months now with no problem but I use firefox browser as well.

SO how is the comodo firewall only? Does that have any weaknesses for 64bit? Also which versions of it have the weakneses. the firewall alone or the firewall with maximum protection. Which comodo firewall has no weaknesses in 64but please?

The firewall it’s 100% working on 32 and 64 bits, read this:

Firewall works fine on 64 bit. But defense plus is not and the sandbox doesn’t do virtual registry at least not on XP 64 Bit. And There was a thread on here about 64 bit Internet Explorer that suggested that even COMODO firewall might not protect you if you use 64 bit Internet Explorer. So I use Firefox browser for my main browser on my Windows 64 bit XP machine. The current version of COMODO Internet Security has these limitations on 64 bit.


Has the new CIS 5.3 fixed the 64bit short commings? Like the weakend defenses of the CIS 64bit or no? I can not wait for the fully secure 64bit to come out.