Cis 5.3

Hi There,

I absolutely love CIS 5.3! Have tried earlier versions and this one runs smooth. I still have to workout what all the settings do. Before this I was using Norton 360 4.0 and compared it to the features of CIS 5.3 after watching a review on youtube by languy99 so I switched. Perhaps you can get permission from him to put his CIS 5.3 video on the website with the product page?

Thank you to all who have worked and continue to do so on this great product.

Bruce K. ;D

What I love is the rootkit scan, send unknown files to to Comodo in scanning, auto send unknown files to Comodo when unknown file is found by D+ and more that I can’t remember at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Bruce and Welcome. As a Forum member I would like to thankyou for giving your feedback, it is nice to see. I do hope the Forum assists you, in working out the settings. I agree Languy99 does a great job. Also I would like to join you in the Thankyou to the Developers of CIS, well done. All the best and Kind regards.

I sent a pm to languy to let you know if you have put his review(s) on your web site.

Yeah sure you can put the review on your web page, just link it back to the youtube video.

Hi guys, I thought Bruce meant see if we could put Languys reviews on Comodos product page.
eg this page Best Internet Security Software 2022 | Antivirus Total Security

YES YES!!! I read it the same way. And I think it’s a great idea!!!

I’ll have to disagree gentlemen, since languy is not affiliated with C.O.M.O.D.O and he is just sharing his personal tests with us.

Hes a mod. I think thats good enough for me. Haha. :-TU

I will not speak on behalf of him , but a big NO for that :smiley: , < I’m afraid if Melih said yes , we will not see that pretty face of her again ;D :-*

100% correct. LanGuy99 does a great job reviewing a range of software, but he does this for his own interest and education. In this regard, he is not affiliated with Comodo in any way, shape or form.

Good for you - but not good enough for Comodo. Placing them on the Comodo website wold imply that they are official Comodo documents/objects and Comodo would have to assume liability for them.

Ewen :slight_smile:

and there’s this to consider. :smiley: