CIS 5.3 with No AV active Vs 52 nasty malwares !!

Hi everybody

One of the Comodo’s members sent me these malware samples and I tested it on CIS 5.3 with defaults settings but the Antivirus was disabled …

I think CIS did a very good job :-TU , but unfortunately the tvl problem still there !! , and the reported trusted malwares don’t get fixed fast enough at all ! :-TD , Comodo Must improve that asap.

the video’s size is 11 mb only.

plz note that the last piece of malware in the test was blocked by the d+ as u can see in the test’s last minute.

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I can’t download that file
EDIT: Working now. :-TU

WinUtilities is legitimate application and it should be whitelisted…

Send your file (also check its Properties to see if original .exe is modified) with VT and CAMAS and give us feedback.

XP Advanced Keylogger 2.5 is detected.

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But both the softwares are from the same company YL Computing & can be downloaded from
I tried downloading from WinUtilities is not detected. XP Advanced Keylogger is detected as Unclassified Malware.


Hi salaficall,

Please submit to us the files that were part of the test and we’ll verify all the issues.

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I agree, the video shows the problem well.

Yes , u r right siketa , I checked WinUtilities now on VT and it’s not detected by any of the AVs out there.

Also I rechecked the XP Advanced Keylogger and it’s now detected ! :-TU

It’s was whitelisted 10 hours ago! at the time of the test as u can clearly see in the video , that’s why I reported it here 2 days ago.

But it’s fixed and detected now ! :-TU

thanks everybody


It’s nice to see people proving and putting comodo on the spot to be challenged. :■■■■

+1, good job testing (:CLP)

Just to clarify XP Advanced Keylogger is not Malware,if anything it’s in the PUA category.It’s a commercial keylogger as opposed to a malicious data stealer.

I agree , but I don’t think it’s a good idea to trust this kind of programs.

I reported it because it was detected by Comodo as Unsafe application according to VT but it was whitelisted by CIS 5.3.


Totally Agree +1

I can’t believe Comodo is trusting keyloggers :o

Hadnt Comodo created the cattegories
AppUnwanted.12343421321…, AppUnsafe129248392432…,

exactly for this kind of PUA`s software? They shouldnt be whitelisted and therefore must be detected by the AV and clasiffied within this categories.

I’m broadly in agreement with you,however AV companies often shy away from deliberately “detecting” commercial keyloggers.

Comodo does not intentionally whitelist software in those categories; this was an error and has now been corrected. Under normal circumstances all categories of software detected by the antivirus are treated as unrecognised by Defense+ and flagged as malicious by the online lookup (which offers to delete it for you).