CIS 5.3 + MSE on-demand-only on XP?

Hey guys. I’m on Windows XP Pro, and I’m still running CIS 3.14.x (yes, I know, I’m lazy!).

I want to upgrade to the latest CIS (5.3.x), and I’d also like to add Microsoft Security Essentials and disable its realtime mode, since CIS will be doing realtime AV, and I’d just use MSE for periodic manual scans.

Is this possible? Anyone doing it successfully? Any conflicts?

I noticed in MSE’s Wikipedia article it says that MSE v2 now “includes Network Inspection System, a network intrusion detection system that works on Windows Vista and Windows 7”. This sounds to me like it might clash with CIS in various ways (firewall conflicts, perhaps other conflicts), but since I’m on XP, it sounds like I won’t have to worry since MSE won’t offer this feature for me.

Can anyone tell me that what I’m planning will work, or won’t work? Thanks.

(P.S.— as for the CIS 3.14.x to 5.3.x upgrade, I realize I can’t export/import the rulesets since the versions are too different and too much code has changed, so would the proper approach be to uninstall CIS 3.14.x using “Add/Remove Programs”, then install CIS 5.3.x and just suffer through setting up my desired rules again? Thankfully I use VERY FEW programs, so this shouldn’t be too painful. Someone tell me if I’ve got the right idea or not, here.)

Thanks guys!

Hey there :slight_smile:

to be honest i would recommend you to download the latest version of CIS and it’s clean up tool. uninstall CIS 3.4, use the clean up tool and install CIS 5.3; I have seen that complications occur when people try to upgrade from CIS 3/4 to CIS 5.

MSE is nothing special and uses resources for only being AV; look at langguys99 review. CIS is everything you need, if you ask me :slight_smile:

In case you want additional protection, add Hitman pro (keep Hitman pro even if the 30days license; it will scan your computer but it won’t remove any found malware), Malwarebytes free version and superantispyware free version.

Valentin N

Hi there, Valentin N.

Thanks for the info. Yeah, maybe I’ll skip MSE, but I have a PC whose power far exceeds what I do with it, so perhaps I wouldn’t mind MSE’s resources hit. I’ll think it over.

As for that removal tool thing… why doesn’t CIS 3.x’s uninstaller clean this stuff up ITSELF? Why is a separate third-party unsupported batch file needed? This is pretty sloppy.

Does the latest CIS (5.3.x) have a proper uninstaller that REALLY uninstalls EVERYTHING, for when it’s time to update to CIS 6 or CIS 7, etc.?

And yes, free MBAM on-demand is nice for periodic manual scans. I also may periodically download and run Dr. Web CureIt (no-install single-use free scanner), Kaspersky’s “install, scan, uninstall” single-use free scanner, etc.

Thanks for the info!

Almost every program that gets uninstalled leave remains, such as registry keys and other small stuff that can cause problem. That’s why I recommend you to run the cleanup tool after you have uninstalled CIS 3.x, so that the installation of CIS 5.3 goes smoothly :).

Glad I can help :slight_smile: Take care

Valentin N

For upgrading to V5.3 I’d advise you follow the advice I give here. It will hopefully save you trouble further down the road.

As for on-demand scanners (if you’re paranoid ;)) I’d advise you download HitmanPro and Malwarebytes. Honestly, for simply checking your system (assuming you don’t believe there’s a problem) these should be sufficient.

Let me know if you have any further questions.