CIS 5.3 - Internet Explorer sandboxed

Hi All,

I’m new to the forums and busy testing Comodo Internet Security 5.3 on my virtual machine.

I have installed on clean machine and updated and hit an issue before even testing it against malware.

I started up Internet Explorer and it sandboxed it due to it being unrecognised.
I have same version installed on host machine and have not had this issue.
I am running Windows 7(updated) on Oracle VM Virtualbox.

Anyone got any ideas why this has happened? ???

P.S. Please see screenshot.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hello Dasto;

I would recommend not using Virtualbox for your test; reason is because CIS doesn’t install/work properly; I would use VMWare or VirtualPC for CIS; (Highly Recommend VMWare)


Is it to be understood as

one should not use hosting Vbox on host computer, where CIS is installed,


one should not used Vbox as host for guest VM, where CIS is installed ?

I ask because I have noticed in the forum CIS vs VB warning more times, without clear explanation and circumstances. I have VBox on host Vista64 Premium SP2 computer together with CIS 5.0.

You may have CIS on the host machine; but It is not recommended to have CIS inside the guest VBox
(Sun/Oracle VirtualBox)

VMWare/VirtualPC is fine