CIS 5.3 got 100 % at matousec


"Comodo Internet Security confirmed its leadership in Proactive Security Challenge by scoring the perfect 100% score again. The classification of its host protection features is nothing but Excellent. "


To but quote Mel Brooks in History of the world part 1: it’s good to be the king… :smiley:

Very true and also being a complete show off ;D

Thanks for the link, well done Comodo!!! :110:

New product Outpost Security Suite Free also shows good results.

Go!! COMODO!! :110: :■■■■

I didn’t expect any less :slight_smile: Well done Comodo! :110: :love:

Very good!! :love:

:110: < indeed

It’s not new any more…there is already v7.1 out…check out Languy’s review.

So did Comodo version 4.0, so I hardly expected Defence+ to get weaker.
But anyway, congratulations, Comodo! :rocks:

Good job comodo :slight_smile:

very good

and people though CIS 5.3 was weaker. >:-D

Nice Test… Goooooooooooooooood Comodo :-TU

I’m pretty sure Symantec will blast the methodology used. :smiley: :a0

Although I feel better and happy to see the 100% there in the report, still

May be we need to reconsider this, as the methodology for testing products clearly mentions that it is tested with highest available settings.

[i]Methodology and rules
Installation and configuration

The tested products are installed on Windows XP Service Pack 3 with Internet Explorer 8 set as the default browser. The products are configured to their highest usable security settings and tested with this configuration only. We define the highest security settings as settings that the user is able to set without advanced knowledge of the operating system. This means that the user, with the skills and knowledge we assume, is able to go through all forms of the graphic user interface of the product and enable or disable or choose among several therein given options, but is not able to think out names of devices, directories, files, registry entries etc. to add to some table of protected objects manually, not even if such a configuration is suggested on the product’s support forum or website. [/i]

CIS is must have been tested with D+ set to paranoid mode and Firewall set to Block All , which is not the default configuration of CIS and would never in future be a default or usable configuration on daily basis. We may use such a configuration for testings or in case of fighting a severe malware, but in no case do I feel that it is usable.

So, this 100% result in testing is not the daily protection level that we have now. So, I feel we need to rethink about it when we quote this as our success.

@SivaSuresh Matousec said that it was testing with the highest usable settings, and paranoid with Defence+ would be unsuitable for less than advanced users, and the same with the firewall, block all would not be ideal for less than advanced users.

We need to read it carefully,

I am not sure that your assumption is correct, yet I am not the one who tested either :-, so

Can we have a clarification from Matousec in this regard?

Would be very nice and interesting if it really not tested with Paranoid, Block All configuration, which would double my respect towards CIS in case… :-*

let’s not assume while we can contact them and ask for the information , shall we ?

I have done that and I’m waiting for their answer :slight_smile: