CIS 5.3 and Process Lasso

Defense + blocking Process Lasso 4.00.28 Access Memory Target cmdagent.exe anyway to stop the blocking.


Yes, here is explained how to resolve memory access problem.

thanks deadman i will give it a try

Does the blocking of memory access influence how Process Lasso works. It it does not effect it then just don’t change a thing.

thanks for the reply and it don’t seem to effect Process Lasso.what is the effect of changeing the setting.

When you allow a program to have memory access to Comodo files it makes the self protection of CIS weaker. In case Process Lasso would get infected the malware could then try to attack CIS.

For some applications it is needed to function properly (one could call that questionable coding) and then I would advice to give the program memory access. In all other cases don’t allow it. The D+ logs simply show you CIS is protecting its self.

thanks for the reply