CIS 5.3.17xxxx AV database updates even though I turn it off!

CIS 5.3.174622.1216 – installed earlier this week.

I turned off Preferences/General/“Automatically check for update.” I also unchecked “enable” in Perferences/Update. I want/need my machine to do this when I tell it to not whenever I turn it on or whenever it decides it wants to do it. I check manually at least once per day, sometimes more often. But I need it to be manual, not automatic.

How can I fix this?

Hello Eddy;

Just to verify; You want to have only manual updates? (From the AV and Program Updates?)


Hi Jake,

Yes. I want only manual updates for BOTH the AV database and for new program/software (version) updates.

I check for AV database updates daily or more often.

I check for new program/software updates at least 2 or 3 times per week.

But it is critical (on this one machine) that I control when that happens. On the other pc’s in the house it is not as big an issue and auto-updating is fine for them.



CIS > More > Pref > “Uncheck Automatically check for program updates” > Update ‘tab’ > "Disable “” > OK

AV > Antivirus Settings > Uncheck Automatically update virus database > Scheduled Scanning > UnCheck Automatically update virus database

This will disable any updates; but the cloud features are still enabled (May take up bandwidth if you are on dialup)

Does this help?


Actually, you’re going to want to disable this option in the real time scanner settings. This is the one that checks for updates every 30 minutes. (Although at the moment, it’s checking every 5 minutes. The devs are aware of this and it should be fixed in the next update)

Thanks for the correction


Jacob and HeffeD,
Thanks very much for the quick replies. It was the real-time scanner auto-update setting – I have that now configured to NOT auto-update the AV database and I will monitor that to confirm. Funny – I have been using Comodo since version 1.something and I don’t remember having to tell the scanner not to update definitions – just the “more” settings page. I could be wrong about that. No matter… now that I know where to check all is well.

By the way (and this is outside the scope of this posting, but interesting, maybe, nonetheless), until last week this box was running v.3.? (14 maybe? – the last of the 3 dots, anyway) – until new AV database updates stopped being available for that old version. It seems quirky to me that during that last week on v.3.x when I would manually update the “progress bar” would get to 5% and then instantly pop up with “Your Virus Definitions are already up to date” (not an exact quote). In reality, they were not up to date at all – quite the opposite! They were stuck at the last available update for that old version which is no longer being supported with new AV database definitions. However, these “faux updates” ere enough to keep Windows Security happily in the dark and it never once complained that my virus definitions were out of date. It seems like a better message would be something like: “Yikes! We can’t update your AV Definitions because you are using an ancient version!” And maybe add, for people like me, “…so get off your ■■■■ you lazy bozo and get the latest software!” I only bring this up because there may be others who turned off the auto-updates but unlike me, are unaware that support for their old versions has stopped.


Yes, I have encountered this oddness personally and created a bug report about it. Others have also mentioned it. I think CIS should definitely let the user know that updates are silently failing. I don’t know if this issue still exists in version 5.3 or not. I haven’t encountered it anyway. -knock on wood-

If you were using V3 I believe virus updates stopped in November.




Yes, I got the same note. However, updates apparently continued working until a few weeks ago. At least, they would download and install themselves and the “About” reported version number of the AV database definitions would change. It wasn’t until very recently that V3 update manual requests ceased downloading anything at all and the version number would remain unchanged.

In any case, the real issue is why does the software report that the update is successful (and report a current/updated definitions set to Windows Security Center even though nothing actually happens?